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a method that can make lashes grow faster

On the street, I saw that many girls' lashes are as enviable as Barbie. In fact, you don't have to envy other people's long eyelashes. You can also have them. As long as you go to the eyelash transplant, the fastest way to make the eyelashes grow is only the fastest way. Need to share precautions before and after grafting eyelashes!
Precautions before grafting the eyelashes: 1. As long as the eyelashes are not sensitive to the skin of the eyes or are prone to inflammation of the eyes, you can consider transplanting the eyelashes. 2. The grafting price varies according to the choice of the false eyelash material, the root number, and the like. In terms of materials, it is recommended to choose soft and slender, so that the damage of the eyelashes is small, and it can be kept longer after grafting. You can ask the technician to take out some of the false eyelashes she introduced, look at them, feel the softness, and make a decision. 3. When choosing the number of roots, don't blindly pursue density.

If you transplant multiple false eyelashes on one eyelash, your eyelashes will be greatly damaged. Currently, many stores recommend a single transplant method while minimizing damage to the eyelashes. But if your eyelashes are scarce, consider transplanting two eyelashes on some eyelashes. After all, the choice of grafting is to complete the beauty, if it is more sparse, the effect will certainly not satisfy you. These details should be carefully discussed with the technician based on the actual situation of the eyelashes. 4, in addition to the material and the number of roots, you also need to choose the shape (eye extension, eye extension and natural), curl and length (1cm, 1.1cm). Wait, these are different from person to person. Make choices based on the characteristics of your eyes and the effects you want to present.
Note after grafting the eyelashes: 1. Do not touch the water within 4 hours after grafting. Water can affect the effectiveness of the glue and thus its durability. 2, after transplanting lashes, you do not need to apply mascara. Eye makeup can be applied normally, but do not use oily products when removing makeup. Therefore, please prepare a makeup remover or lotion in advance. When removing makeup, gently wipe with a cotton swab to prevent false eyelashes from falling off prematurely due to friction.