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Can False Eyelashes be Reused?

As false eyelashes are stickup product, many people feel that they should be thrown after being used, and repeated use may cause the possibility of eye disease. So, can false eyelashes be reused?

In fact, as long as we take care of the false eyelashes in our daily life, they can be reused. Put the false eyelashes into a small bowl, such as a mask bowl, and then pour some makeup remover into the water, soak the fake eyelashes for 5-10 minutes. It seems that a lot of makeup remover is wasted in this process, and it is more budget-friendly if your false eyelashes are more expensive. Gently scrub the parts attached with glue and mascara with a small cotton swab, and then tear the glue down. After cleaning the eyelashes up, wash them with warm water. Finally, air them on a cotton pad or a paper tissue.

According to different kinds of false eyelashes, they can be used 7-25 times. For the normally synthetic eyelashes or human hair eyelashes, it usually can be used 7-10 times. For more expensive mink fur eyelashes, it can be used up to 25 times. While, it also depends on the quality of the mink eyelashes you use. SUNNY FLY BEAUTY supplies full kinds of false eyelashes, which you can check on our website. We only deal with the top rated false eyelashes that can reused a lot of times.