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Can I graft my eyelash extensions?

Nowadays, many people think that using mascara every day and cleaning it at night is very troublesome. Because people who like to pursue beauty are doing eyelash extensions, it is convenient and good-looking. Now this technology is no longer difficult. Can we pick up our own eyelashes?

eyelash extensions

As the saying goes, the good eyes are the windows of the soul. It can be said that our eyelashes are the curtains of this window. There is a beautiful and very dense eye. It is what many female friends dream of. If you have this kind of eyelashes, it will make us The eyes become lifelike, the whole person is confident, because most Asian people's eyelash extensions are short and loose, on the contrary, when they see foreigners with very thick eyelashes, in addition to admiration or admiration in their hearts, what is their own grafting eyelashes? How about the method?

eyelash extensions

If you have to graft your eyelashes, it will be difficult, but you can't make it yourself. First, we need to prepare the tools before the operation, such as choosing a small box, putting the tweezers, glue and implanted eyelashes in a small box. Then clean the eyes, do not reserve any eye makeup or make-up. During the process of removing makeup, you should not put any makeup remover. After removing the makeup, clean the dust and grease on your face. Dry it with a hair dryer to keep the skin dry. After slashing the eyelash extensions, use the eye mask to separate the upper and lower eyelashes, and also completely stick them to prevent the upper and lower eyelashes from coming into contact with each other during the blinking process. The next step is to prepare them in advance. The scorpion connects the true eyelashes and the false eyelashes together, and grafts one by one so that they cannot be connected to one piece, so as to avoid mutual sticking, and then blow dry or dry with a hair dryer after completion.