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Can you do eyelash extensions after pregnancy?

First of all, in the current many women, no matter how old people love beauty, everyone's pursuit of beauty is different. In order to make yourself more perfect, you must first pay special attention to the details, even after pregnancy, the pursuit of beauty will not stop. But the method of pregnancy and beauty must be correct. Can you do eyelash extensions after pregnancy?

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After pregnancy, it is best not to transplant eyelashes, because when making false eyelashes, you must use glue, because the glue contains toxic ingredients, such as very stimulating hydrogen blue ingredients, will enter the body, it will also cause skin allergies. For your own health and the health of your baby, it is best not to transplant your eyelashes after pregnancy.

Do not transplant eyelash extensions after pregnancy, because the glue used during the transplant is very spicy, although many places claim no irritation, but can not guarantee 100%. Therefore, you should be careful after pregnancy. It is best to wait until the child is finished to complete the grafting of the eyelashes. It is prone to eye infections or eye diseases.

eyelash extensions

Some people choose to transplant the eyelash extensions in a small and irregular place. Improper handling can easily cause chemical glue to enter the eye, causing irritation to the conjunctiva and cornea. Moreover, the process of transplanting eyelashes is not well done in the sanitary work of home appliances, and it is easy to cause local irritation and infection, and the eyes will be red and swollen. It is better for pregnant women not to transplant eyelashes.