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What are the Considerations for Eyelash Extension?

1. The distance between grafting and skin

First, the distance between the grafted eyelash and the skin; In fact, many of the beauties can't master this question. But it's a real problem because it takes a long time to build up technology! The distance between the eyelashes and the skin that we ask for grafting normally is 0.5 mm - 1 mm.

2. Submissive

 the roots of grafted eyelashes must be 100% tractable to your own eyelashes. Some students grafted eyelashes, the root distance already mastered, but why still can fall and poke the eye! Because your eyelashes are sticking up.

3. The direction of the eyelashes

The third is the direction of the hair of the grafting eyelash, remember that your hair tip must be positive to yourself.

4. The freshness of glue

The fourth is the freshness of glue of extension eyelashes. It is necessary to keep the gelatine in place to be firm, but there must be no obvious glue drop! In fact, the most important reason that causes eyelash to fall easily is that there is not completely 100 % to take a post at all, the root rises up is easy to drop, and it is easy to tie the eye! After each eyelash is grafted, make sure that the roots are completely taken, and your eyelashes will last longer. The root of grafting eyelash must practice posting, and the speed must speed up, and achieve "fast, steady, accurate" so as to let eyelashes maintain a lasting.