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Did you Use Your Eyelash Glue Correctly in the Winter?

Introduction of the glues for the eyelash extensions

1. Ingredients safety: no solvent, easy to use.
2. Instantaneous solid: take advantage of the moisture in the atmosphere and then solidify in 1 second.
3. Normal temperature hardening: no heating temperature can be used.
4. Black soft glue: good effect and not bad.
5. High viscosity: suitable for porous and absorbing materials.

The eyelash extension is a painless and unstimulating ciliary technique, which is to have a certain degree of curving, length of eyelash, with special glue stick to the real eyelash. The grafting eyelash does not harm our true eyelash. Because it's one to one, one false eyelash grafted onto a true eyelash, one to two millimeters away from the base of the lashes, it does not have direct contact with the skin, and it belongs to indented grafting, and it does not pose any burden to oneself eyelash. At the same time the ciliator uses special eyelash cleaning fluid, it can effectively remove the dust from the eyelashes, remove oil stains from false eyelashes, and promote the rapid growth of eyelashes. The natural plant glue can make the grafted eyelash stronger and straighter.

The eyelash extension makes you really say goodbye to your unperfect inborn eyelashes. You don't have to worry about being late for a date with your eyes twinkle.

Apply maintenance tips to eyelash extension glue in winter

Because the properties of the glue are affected by the temperature and humidity in the air, even on the same day, the difference between the temperature and humidity will result in the difference between the speed, taste and strength of the glue. So how do you maintain the stability of glue?

Want to glue more firmly in winter, please do this!

Prepare a sensitive temperature gauge for grafting; Please confirm that the temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees; Please confirm that the humidity is between 50% and 65%; Do not vent to air conditioning, such as air conditioning

In operation, to maintain the temperature in the 20 to 25 ℃ for the best, if the temperature is too high, it can make quality decline of vinyl that affect viscosity; The reverse, low temperature will affect the quality of the black glue. Indoor humidity is maintained at 55 per cent, while the acceptable range is between 50 and 65 per cent.When the gel is at 65% or above, the hardening speed will be accelerated and the toughness will decrease, it's a lot more fragile than normal. That's why many of the ciliators say the same kind of glue, suddenly they're not strong. On the other hand, the humidity is too low because there is not enough moisture to help.

When the eyelash glue appears the white phenomenon, how to deal with?

▽The amount of glue should be right ( especially with strong adhesive glue, special attention should be paid when grafting.).

▽Do not use hand to touch after grafting, it is also to prevent the hand with moisture to cause the appearance of glue whitening phenomenon.

▽Do not wash your face or shower for 4 hours after grafting.

Did you Use Your Eyelash Glue Correctly in the Winter1

Did you Use Your Eyelash Glue Correctly in the Winter 2