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Do you know which type of false eyelashes are suitable for you when you are grafting your eyelashes?

Amy girls should be familiar with makeup, and there are many girls who make makeup every day. It has become a daily life for them. No day is not makeup. Make-up is very good. For them, make-up can make them change. More attractive, and more confident, so they will all make up. I believe that it is not unfamiliar to grafting eyelashes for makeup. Many girls have experienced the technique of eyelash extensions. Many people are interested in grafting eyelashes. It is not necessary to stick false eyelashes every morning. This is also very Convenient one, because there are many people who like to graft eyelashes, but many people are hesitant when grafting eyelashes. I don’t know which eyelashes to choose for grafting. At this time, you can go to the United States. Inside the eyelash store, let the professional beauty eyelashes introduce you to which false eyelashes to use to graft the eyelashes. There are also many people who don't know the types of eyelashes. Today, let's introduce the types of eyelash extensions.

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First of all, you can choose from the density of eyelashes. The density of eyelashes is mainly divided into three types. The first one is natural type of false eyelashes. This type of eyelashes is a little longer than your own eyelashes. You like the natural false eyelashes. This is a good choice. It is very suitable for working in the environment. It is a very low-key type, but it can meet the needs of many people. The pressure of this style of eyelashes is not big, the eyes are Comfortable. If you are the first to graft eyelashes, you can choose this type of eyelashes for grafting. The second type is thicker eyelashes. This type of eyelashes is encrypted from the natural style. Two true eyelashes can be added to two or three eyelashes. This type of eyelashes will be beautiful after finishing, if you own If the eyelashes are short or relatively rare, there is no way to withstand this pressure. It is easy to crush your eyelashes. This kind of eyelashes is suitable for some formal occasions such as parties. After the completion, the eye changes are compared. big. The third type is more exaggerated. This type of eyelashes continues to lengthen the encryption on the thick type of eyelashes, but this kind of eyelashes can be grafted without grafting. This is also very easy to damage your eyelashes.

eyelash extensions

You can also choose from the shape of the eyelashes. First, the shape of the grafted eyelashes can be divided into two types, one is a fan shape, the other is a flying type, and the fan-shaped eyelashes are short in the middle and the two sides are relatively short. The important focus is two. In the middle of the eye, it is very cute after grafting. The flying inner corner is the shortest and the outer corner is the longest. It is a kind of phenomenon from short to long over focus on the outer corner of the eye, showing a charming and charming charm.

When you graft the eyelashes, you can choose from the curling degree of the eyelashes. The curling degree is mainly divided into three types. The first one is the j roll. The middle part of the eyelashes is 30 degrees, slightly curled. If your eyelashes are short, you can The user's curling eyelashes; the second type is b-type, which has a curl of 40 degrees, which is suitable for almost everyone, which is a universal eyelash curl; the third is C-type roll, this eyelash is more curled, the curl is very exaggerated at 50 degrees, it is easy to fall off, and few people use this eyelash.

eyelash extensions

It can be selected according to the thickness of the eyelashes. This is a very convenient way to choose. You only need to measure the width of the eyelashes when you choose. The thickness of the eyelashes in the general eyelash shop is divided into four types. The first type is 0.10mm eyelashes. This type of eyelashes is relatively soft. The inner corners and small fluffs are suitable for use. The second type is 0.15mm eyelashes. This is a general-purpose eyelash thickness. Generally, people are not. Knowing how to choose, you will choose the thickness of the eyelashes; the third is 0.20mm, this type of eyelashes are thicker than the previous two types of eyelashes, which can be clearly seen in the encryption effect. One eyelash is equivalent to two, and the encryption speed is faster. The fourth type of flowering eyelashes, which are the roots of four to seven eyelashes, are linked together. This kind of eyelash grafting speed is very fast, and the technical difficulty in grafting is also the lowest, but there is no single eyelash natural.

In fact, when choosing eyelashes for grafting, there is no such trouble and it is not so complicated. No matter which aspect you choose from, it is ok, but the eyelash extensions selected according to different methods are different. First of all, you should choose according to your own situation. You should not excessively pursue some exaggerated, unnatural eyelashes. You should choose some eyelashes that are suitable for you and then graft them. Otherwise, you will hurt your eyelashes. Causes discomfort in facial makeup.