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Eyelash extensions shortcomings

Naturally ,fresh makeup is loved, and a pair of seemingly talking eyes is the wish of every girl! With the advancement of beauty technology,eyelash extensions transplant seems to have become a must-have experience for every girl.
What are the benefits of transplanting eyelashes? Create nude makeup effect, increase self-confidence, increase self-glamour, make eyes look more attractive, bid farewell to false eyelashes, reduce makeup time, and play the same effect as real eyelashes. From now on, say goodbye to mascara and eyeliner.

eyelash extensions
Although there are many benefits to grafting eyelashes, each girl may have a bunch of problems before picking up the eyelashes. Worried that this fast and beautiful shortcut will not hurt the real eyelashes. It looks like it will not be unnatural. Grafting can cause discomfort and discomfort.
In fact, in addition to giving customers a perfect shape of the eyelash extensions transplant, before the transplant service, the professional eyelashes must also explain the precautions and "disadvantages" to those who do not understand the beauty of the eyelashes, so that the customer can fully understand the process and the later stage.
eyelash extensions
Happening. This is the practice of ordinary eyelash shops. First of all, we must understand the customer's situation and whether there is a history of allergies. Before the customer transplants the eyelashes, the eyelash teacher must first determine whether the customer has a history of allergies. If you are suffering from severe allergies, the eyelash teacher should advise you not to continue to transplant the eyelash extensions; if your eyes are sensitive, you can transplant a few eyelashes. After 15 minutes of observation, you cancontinue to transplant without problems. If you feel uncomfortable, you should advise customers not to transplant eyelashes.