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Eyelash extensions should pay attention to 6 common mistakes

Today's statement is that if the eyelash extensions are transplanted, it is a test of meticulousness and patience. We should keep our eyes open to keep our eyes closed. We should also be familiar with our hands like a manufacturer. Small hair sucking like hair can be submissively dependent on real eyelashes.

Water is active, trees are rooted, these six mistakes, do you see if there is?

eyelash extensions

Error 1: The root of false eyelashes and true eyelashes is not too big. The distance of 0.1~0.2 mm is better. The closer the eyelashes are to the tip of the eye, the smaller the support of the eyelashes and the worse the support of the eyelashes. On the contrary, the root of the real eyelash extensions is the hardest and thickest, and the support is the biggest.

Mistake 2: False eyelashes stick to the small fluff. The weight of the small eyelashes between the eyelashes should not exceed twice the weight and be more than twice as heavy. It will inevitably be reversed.

Mistake 3: Too many false eyelashes are applied to the real eyelashes. How much eyelashes the eyelashes can withstand depends on the hardness and thickness of the true eyelashes, as well as the length. This uses themechanic's principle.

Mistake 4: The two eyelashes on the pole stick together. The left-hand usea pair of tweezers to separate the real eyelashes and the right hand is transplanted so that they do not stick together.

eyelash extensions

Mistake 5: False eyelashes do not stick directly to the skin, and do not match the true eyelashes. The customer's skin is sensitive, or the skin is thin, or the first time the eyelash extensions are connected, or the roots of the eyelashes are hard, which will undoubtedly cause discomfort and discomfort to the customer.

False eyelash transplants are in a chaotic direction. Each eyelash is arranged in parallel and looks orderly, rather than seven to eight twists and turns.

The above are a few common eyelash grafting errors, a more detailed description, if you are interested can refer to.