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Eyelash manufacturer reminds you of some common sense of using false eyelashes

It is well known that there is a heart for beauty, and many babies who love beauty can wear some false eyelashes every day in order to make them have bigger and more sacred eyes, but there are many hidden dangers behind the beauty.

Problems, serious words can also affect the health of the eyes, but have you know ?

eyelash manufacturer

The eyelash manufacturer will let you know that the classification of false eyelashes is mainly divided by hand, use and material. The handwork is mainly divided into hand eyelashes, semi-hand eyelashes and mechanism eyelashes. According to the purpose, it is divided into doll eyelashes and video eyelashes.

Hair, artificial eyelashes, individual eyelashes. The material is divided into fiber eyelashes, human eyelashes, animal hair lashes, and feather eyelashes. These categories are classified.

The eyelash manufacturer will take you through the styles of false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are divided into two series, most of which can be divided into European and American. Japanese and American are characterized by the concentration of false eyelashes, which are suitable for eye contours, or hope to be

The girl who uses the stage effect on the stage is used. The Japanese is actually produced in Taiwan, and the effect is more natural and suitable for the eyes of the oriental. In terms of price, expensive and cheap are not the only areas to guarantee quality.

Points, if you are a thrifty family, Japanese cheap false eyelashes are more suitable for you. If you are a high-ranking official, expensive false eyelashes are also worth investing. If you need to buy some artistic eyelashes, you can first consider

The brand's effect is gorgeous and there will be no cheap impression. In daily life, you should always choose natural as much as possible. When you attend some parties or dinners, you can consider some of the more realistic eyelash manufacturers.

eyelash manufacturer

With rhinestones or feathers, some limited edition false eyelashes can be used as a party decoration, as well as for collections, or as two different false eyelashes to create a new look.