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Eyelash vendors helps you analyze the cause of eyelash drop

Eyelash loss is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is the normal metabolism of the human body. In general, the eyelashes are likely to fall off naturally. If a large number of eyelashes fall off and other symptoms appear in the eye, it may be due to some reasons, which cannot be ignored.


Many people are afraid of eyelashes falling off and can't help wondering if their body has some kind of problem. Therefore, in order to solve everyone's troubles, the eyelash vendors here summarizes several reasons why the eyelashes fall off, I hope everyone can stop worrying about this.

1. Dry around the eyes. When applying makeup, frequent use of mascara will cause the eyelashes around the eyes to lose moisture and become dry, causing the eyelashes to continue to fall off. Most of the mascara currently on the market contain both vitamins and fibrin, but since these two ingredients are encapsulated in certain pigments, they cannot be used for their original maintenance. Instead, it causes the eyelashes to fall off because the eyelashes are dry.

2. False eyelashes are not well connected. Many girls like to apply false eyelashes on their makeup, which will make your eyes look like watery. However, since the eyelash root is one of the sweating organs of the human body, the false eyelashes may affect the breathing and sweating of the pores, causing the wheat grains and eyelids to become large for a long time, and the eyelashes are less and less.


Regarding the reason for falling eyelashes, eyelash vendors can provide a lot of introductions such as chemical toxicity like cosmetics. No matter what cosmetics, it has certain chemical toxicity, eye shadow and eyeliner are no exception. Some eye shadows and eyeliners contain chemical additives that do not meet the standards. Frequent use can affect the normal growth process of the eyelashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off. In severe cases, it can cause damage to the roots of the eyelashes and hair follicles. It can also cause some eye diseases. Sometimes there are certain diseases in the eyes, which can also cause the eyelashes to fall off, such as long eye diseases, mitochondrial swellingand other common eye diseases. They affect the metabolism around the eyes, so the eyelashes fall off.