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Eyelashes wholesale helps you explain the dangerous behavior of brushing eyelashes and hot eyelashes

Many beautiful women want their eyelashes to bend slightly, curled and burnt eyelashes, and the eyelashes are hotter and thinner. Relevant personnel said that there is no special shampoo for hot eyelashes, so some companies will dilute the shampoo for hot eyelashes, but the hair itself is thick and hard. The potion suitable for hair is not necessarily suitable for eyelashes.

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Need to pay attention to the eyelashes wholesale. After many women burn the eyelashes, the eyelashes become soft and hard, and it is easier to lose the eyelashes, resulting in sparse eyelashes. For those who have very few eyelashes, they want to improve by planting eyelashes. Related personnel said that planting eyelashes is similar to hair growth and must be done by a professional dermatologist or plastic surgeon. In general, professional surgeons do not have side effects. Eyelash hazard after mascara: allergic inflammation

Eyes are most afraid of allergies and inflammation caused by foreign material stimuli. Need to pay attention to the wholesale of eyelashes, women often apply mascara, make the eyelashes look thick and dark, but if you encounter hot, sweating, tearing, etc., mascara will melt easily, even into the eyes, not Being careful can cause allergies and inflammation.

In particular, if you go to bed without removing makeup or removing makeup, mascara will stay too long, probably because you don't pay attention to rubbing your eyes, mascara into your eyes, or the pores near the eyelids may be blocked, if hair follicles Damage can cause inflammation of the hair follicles. The eyelashes may not grow any longer. Therefore, the public should be reminded to suspend the use of mascara when the hair follicles are inflamed, and anti-allergic drugs should be used.

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The mascara is not cleaned: the lashes are inflamed

eyelashes wholesale in addition to the inverted insertion of congenital eyelashes, if the mascara and adhesive are applied too thickly or even thoroughly cleaned, it is easy to block the eyelid hair follicles. The eyelashes do not grow from the exit, but are embedded in the inner surface, which also causes the eyelashes to be inserted upside down. If it is not serious, there will be a bulge like a small bean in the hair follicle. In severe cases, it may cause inflammation and pain.