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False eyelashes, animal hair and artificial hair, which are the advantages and disadvantages of real

False eyelashes are worn by many people. This is also a common single product. Which fake eyelash animal hair and artificial hair are good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of false eyelashes?

false eyelashes

False eyelashes, animal hair or artificial hair, which is better:

1. Animal hair. Simply put, animal hair is a false eyelash that is extracted from animal hair. It is messier than fiber eyelashes, but because it is hair extracted from animals, it is very similar to human hair. Add some oil and a little gloss. Different animal hairs have different hardness and water resistance. The bristles come naturally with curls, very close to our real eyelashes, but will fall in the presence of water rolls. The horse hair is hard and the waterproof effect is good, but the softness is slightly weaker. Fox hair and bird hair are mainly used for stage performances, often used to decorate exaggerated eye makeup.

2. Artificial hair. Synthetic eyelashes are the most commonly used false eyelashes, which are made of synthetic and woven. Its hair is a bit heavy, and it is easy to wrinkle your eyelashes after makeup. False eyelashes synthesized from protein fibers are much softer than synthetic fibers. They have a certain curl and shape. This material is very light and does not crush your eyelashes. The fiber eyelashes are relatively weak in water absorption, so the water is not easily deformed. When burned, it will give off a plastic smell and form a hard piece. When choosing a fiber eyelash, you also need to know if its hair is sharpened. Sharpened false eyelashes give a higher degree of refinement and simulation, and it is like cutting off without sharpening.

false eyelashes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of true and false eyelashes:

Pros: Real false eyelashes use our hair or eyebrows because its material is close to our own eyelashes, so it is extremely natural to wear, and the makeup is more refined and authentic. It is a perfect blend of our true eyelashes. This is the first choice for the pursuit of natural makeup, pseudo-vegetarians.

Disadvantages: Generally speaking, the process of burning people's eyelashes has a perm flavor, which will turn into ash after burning, leaving no residue. Girls with sensitive eyes should not choose, because this false eyelash making process is complicated, and girls with sensitive eyes can easily wear their eyes.