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False Eyelashes! Do you Really Wear it Correctly

How fake eyelashes can be used and not affect our health, now every girl is beautiful, basically every girl has false eyelashes. So what we need to be aware of when we're using him, and there's a variety of false eyelashes.

The classification of false eyelashes:

According to the product type: it can be divided into feather series false eyelash, exaggerated series false eyelash, grow grafting series, pure hand series false eyelash etc.
According to the type of work: it can be divided into manual eyelash, semi-manual eyelash, mechanism eyelash.
According to use type: it can be divided into cloth doll eyelash, film and television eyelash, emulated eyelash, individual hair.
According to the type of material: it can be divided into fiber eyelash, human hair eyelash, animal hair eyelash, feather eyelash.

How to choose false eyelashes correctly:

In daily life, we should choose natural eyelashes as much as possible, but when attending a theme party or a grand dinner party, you can consider some exaggerated artistic and American false eyelashes, for example, with a water drill or a feather. Some limited-edition false eyelashes can be used as party decorations or as a collection. You can also create a new look with two different false eyelashes.

To facilitate the natural effect, you can choose the false eyelashes that are soft or transparent. They imitate natural lashes, and they don't leave too obvious marks on their eyes. On the choice of color, Asian women are advised to use black or deep coffee, the two colors closest to the Asian eyelash color.

If you only use false eyelashes in your daily makeup, be careful to avoid fake eyelashes that are too long and have too little roots. If choose cross-type, it will make your eyes look more dramatic.

How to maintain the false eyelash:

1. When you take it out of the box, you must not pinch its side hard and pull it gently in the direction of your eyelashes. When peeling from the eyelid, hold the false eyelash right in the middle, and the pull it down quickly, the action is crisp, and never pull the two or three root hair to pull down.

2. Use the false eyelash to thoroughly remove the glue on the top, and put it neatly into the box. Be careful not to stick eye shadow, eyelash oil to stick to false eyelash, otherwise it will get dirty, and destroy false eyelash.

3. Use a special discharge makeup remover to clean false eyelashes. Rub the false eyelashes with a cotton pad. Start with the roots and then the front part. It must be light, otherwise it will not be recycled.