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How does the lashes become longer and thicker?

There are many partners in the livelihood who feel extraordinarily annoyed because their lashes are not long enough. The long eyelashes may appear to be more delicate and lively, and the charm is good. However, what should be done if the eyelashes are not long enough? Originally, after some acquired techniques, it is also possible to make the eyelashes longer. If you don't know how to do it, it doesn't matter, you can do the following.


1. Vitamin E can be used to increase eyelashes. Vitamin E is a factor that can moisturize hair. Apply its essence to lashes, increase eyelashes, make eyelashes more tough, and not easy to take off. Applying the essence to the eyelashes can increase the eyelashes gradually. Pay attention not to apply to the eyelids and the roots of the eyelashes, otherwise it will easily grow fat.

2. Tea leaves increase eyelashes. Tea contains a factor that calls dry tea polyphenols, which can make eyelashes grow longer and deeper. Applying cold tea to the eyelashes gradually increases the lashes. In the adoption of tea, the use of Pu'er tea is more and more effective. This method is particularly safe to use, but it will be slower than before, and it usually takes three months to see the remarkable effect.


3, eyelash increase liquid increases eyelashes. In addition to a variety of folk recipes, many manufacturers have also added eyelashes to the eyelashes. Its surface is like a mascara, it is also very convenient to use. It is applied to the eyelashes every day before going to bed. It will make the eyelashes grow longer and become particularly strong.

You also have to use your way to make your eyelashes more beautiful!