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How long can I graft my eyelashes? Anyone can graft eyelashes?

Beauty is everywhere in life. In today's society, beauty has nowhere to be seen. Of course, some people have not paid attention to their own values before. Now they have paid attention to them. For example, eyelash extensions, some people have fewer natural eyelashes. Even some people have thought about making up with eyelashes and eyeshadows, but nowadays it is not necessary to make up for it. At present, eyelashes are a very esthetic product.

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Then someone asked how long it would take to graft the eyelash extensions? Let's talk about it specifically below.

First, graft the eyelashes first to see the number of eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thicker, then the effect of grafting the eyelashes is the best. After grafting the eyelashes, it will give you a very natural and comfortable feeling, if you own If the number of eyelashes is scarce, you can try transplanting hair follicles.

How long can I keep my eyelash extensions

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This is a question that every beautiful friend must ask when doing grafting of eyelashes. You don’t see eyelashes are always so short. In fact, it will fall off during growth, usually in the process of washing your face and bathing or blinking. In the normal case, the grafted eyelashes can be maintained for 4-6 weeks, which is a good choice for some friends.

Nowadays, with the gradual opening of the society, many female friends are trying different colors. The color of the eyelashes can have a variety of choices including purple, black, pink, etc. The most important thing is that your eyelashes should not be dyed.