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How long does it take for the eyelashes to fall out?

First of all, the eyelashes will grow up when they fall. Don't worry too much, because there are many people who have had the same thing. When the eyelashes are caught in a row, they are almost unplugged because of carelessness, which is a headache for eyelash lovers. Eyelashes are the most important part of makeup.


Some people went to the pharmacy and spent $3 to buy a box of vitamin E. I didn't buy olive oil because I didn't know where to buy it. Once a day, it’s not that every day I want to use it. Some people have not used it so far. But the eyelashes really grow out. The eyelashes began to grow from the third day, and VE was completely useless.

After careful observation, because the upper eyelashes were cut, the first three weeks were basically the left and right sides. From the fourth week to the middle, a small eyelash began to grow and I was very happy. Then apply VE, brush the eyelash growth solution in the middle, and feel it grows day by day. At the same time, the final result cannot be scheduled, because only one month has elapsed. The longest new eyelashes have grown to their original length and are longer than the eyelashes themselves, so some people don't think this is a recovery problem, but It is still not as dense as the other eye. I saw new lashes coming out, so I thought I could go back to the length of the eyelashes.


Depending on the individual, but you can advise using VE and mascara to deal with, at least not to miss the time of eyelash growth. At the same time, we must have confidence. To maintain a happy mood, beauty can be restored to the past.