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How Long is the Duration of Eyelash Glue?

The eyelash glue which you care about most, how to distinguish the solvent? What's the method? What is the solvent? What are the hazards of the solvents?

What is the solvent (VOC)?

Solvents (VOC) are volatile organic compounds, which have a great impact on human health. When the VOC in the bedroom reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting and fatigue in a short time. And severe convulsions will occur coma, and it will hurt people's liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system, which will result in memory loss and other serious consequences.

So why do eyelash glues with solvents (VOC)?

In order to speed up the curing speed of eyelash glue and reduce the cost, most manufacturers at home and abroad will add the solvent and control the curing speed. Because the non-solvent glue will solidify when it is in contact with the air.

How to tell if the eyelash glue is added solvent?

1. The effective expiration date

Solvent containing glue: generally valid for 6-12 months (unopened); It will start solidifying and thickening in about 4 months. In particular, the more solvent, the shorter the shelf life.

Solvent free glue: generally valid for 3 years (unopened); When placed in the original bottle for more than 3 years, the glue will not dry up, or become sticky, although the adhesive strength of the glue will drop a little.

2. The tinfoil testing

Drop a drop on the foil and the outer ring of the solvent will slowly fade away.