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How to maintain the false eyelashes?

Sunny Fly Beauty provides many kinds of false eyelashes. The general Synthetic lashes can be used repeatedly for 10 times if they are in proper maintenance while mink lashes which made of top quality mink hair can be up to 25 times. In order to prolong the life of false eyelashes, we should pay attention to several points:

1. Be very careful when using. When taking out from the box, do not pinch and pull with its side. You should follow the direction of eyelash and remove it from the eyelids gently. When peeling off, you should pinch the middle of false eyelashes and pull down them suddenly. The action should be in a clean manner, and you can't pull only two or three hairs down.

2. Thoroughly remove the adhesive above the used false eyelashes. Put them into the false eyelash packaging neatly. Don't stick eye shadow powder, eyelash oil and so on to false eyelashes, otherwise it will dirty and destroy false eyelashes.

3. If false eyelashes special adhesive contact water for a long time, the adhesion part is easy to fall off. In swimming and steaming the sauna, the life span of the false eyelashes will be shortened. Putting the false eyelashes in a ventilated area after cleaning is an effective way to improve their use.

4. Most of the false eyelashes are in a pair, all aparted. It is easy to hang together with other hair in the daily make-up and living environment. So after everyday washing, it is necessary to form the habit of combing.

5. In the cleaning of false eyelashes, please use special unloading eye makeup remover. Use the make-up cotton to press the false eyelashes, first from the root, and then the front part. The action must be light, otherwise the false eyelashes can not be used anymore.