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How to Make Your Fake Eyelash Stick Stronger?

You don't have to apply the glue too much. If you can't control it, you can stick it with cotton swabs and apply it to the base of the false eyelashes. The control of quantity is like this, if you use good mascara, a little is enough, and it can be stuck fast, and it's easy to clean after you've done it. We can add more to reinforce the eye head and the end of the eye. If you put too much on it, it will spill over to your eyelids and your eyelashes. Don't put glue on your eyelids immediately. Instead, it should be blown for 15 ~ 30 seconds, allowing the glue to be half dry. The glue has the best stickiness.

This is the general postures of the whole eyelash.

1. Look down and reveal the entire eyelid.

2. The Angle of false eyelash paste should be slightly upward, don't too flat. If it's flat, it won't look good.

3. It is also important to know that the closer the false eyelash is to the real lashes, the more realistic it looks. So, when you post it, you have to have the same feeling as putting fake eyelashes on your eyelids and eyelashes. There is a feeling that goes up to oneself, so that we can put false eyelash to stick close to own true eyelash.

When it's officially started. Step 1: place the flat head with the lash applicator. Visually, the outside of the false eyelashes is directed to the outer corner of the eye. And then at that point in the middle, it sticks up. On top of the eyelid, above the real eyelash (do not stick on the true eyelash, because it is not firmly attached). The closer you are to your lashes, the more realistic you will be.

When the middle is attached, remove the tweezers immediately.

Then clip the outer root of the false eyelash and glue the tail(you can also see a little white glue, but don't worry, it will be transparent in a few minutes.)

The corner of the eye is the same as the tail of the eye. It also clamps the root of the false eyelashes and sends it to the inner canthus.

This time the whole false eyelash is basically put up, but still it is not the most solid. There's a possibility that there's still a gap in the middle. We can gently push the whole false eyelash with one finger, and let the base match the eyelids completely. The fake eyelashes will be attached. (the whole post will be quick, and after about 2 to 3 minutes, you can finish 2 eyes together.)

Matters needing attention

For the first time, remove the residue from the base of clean eyelash. It's ok to have a bit of stickiness, so long as you can clean the residual glue that you can see from your eyes. ( It is recommended to remove the residues with a flat tweezers.)

Remember to knead the ends of the false eyelashes and gently bend the base of the false eyelashes. And increase the radians of the base to better fit the eye type.

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