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How to prevent and care lashes?

Today'speople suffer from normal sleep due to work or other reasons. Sleeping too latemay lead to metabolism, speed up the aging of the human body, and may cause thehuman hair to fall, such as falling lashes.

Everyone knows that the eyelashes are the eyes. The second line of defense can also show the personal value, so to develop good sleep habits and livinghabits, we must first maintain rest time because sufficient rest time canprevent the drop of eyelashes to a certain extent. If you feel that theeyelashes are not so obvious, you can avoid these factors. You can first applysome mascara to observe for a while. At present, there is no good way to treateyelashes. Normally use some mascara or some. Cosmetics, this method helpsstimulate the growth of lashes.


Sohow do you care for eyelashes?

Youcan choose a VE capsule. This kind of VE can be bought in the pharmacy. Whenapplying it, brush it on the eyelashes. This method does not use long fatparticles. You can also use a lip liner brush and apply eyelashes. Before, youcan apply a layer of eye care products, such as eye creams to form aprotective film on the skin which does not affect the absorption of the effect, but also prevents the oil from harming the skin.


Firstof all, be sure to apply lashes. The lower eyelashes do not need to be applied specially. If you use a lot of eye work after painting, it may not only affect your work, but also makeyour eyes too tired and easy to Vision has a negative impact.

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