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How to use false eyelashes and basic information?

Some people in today's society have thick eyelashes, and some people are relatively loose. For example, women and men today buy fake eyelashes  to bring

False eyelashes are a kind of beauty products. They are widely used by any male and female friends in the society. The design of art is designed into the eyes. The fake eyelashes bend and sway the beauty of the heart. Many fashionable female friends like it. It is used to beautify their own eyes. If your eyes are good enough, you can bring out your beautiful eyes, the materials you make, the cotton and feathers, and the plastic ones. The effect is different.

fake eyelashes

Some people won't post it, here's a specific description:

1. Use your eyelash curler to clip your own eyelashes and apply a thin layer of mascara to help the true eyelashes and false eyelashes fit together without problems such as two layers.

2, the fake is on the eye than the length, because each person's eye is different, adjust the curvature of their own eye size, and the length that needs to be built.

3, apply glue to the underside of the eyelash stem, clear the position, paste from the middle,

4. After the glue has dried, then stick it along the curvature of the eye.

fake eyelashes

Relatively speaking, choose different false eyelashes according to the effect you want to present, or choose according to your own eyes. Selecting the middle long eyelashes can make the eyes round or can be compensated by drawing eye makeup, for example, like some If the makeup is relatively light, you can choose the natural one. If you buy it online, you can inform the customer service to ask about the hardness of the eyelashes. If you have good quality and good reputation, it will be the most comfortable to use.