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Introduction of Silk and Mink Lash Extensions

Silk lashes and mink lashes are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. With these types of silk and mink eyelashes, you can sleep with them, swim, sunbathe and play sports. These lashes require very little maintenance and allow you to continue with your daily activities without worrying about them falling out. Lashes done by a professional process can last 3-6 weeks, depending on the life cycle of your natural lashes.

So what's the difference between silk lashes and mink lashes? Silk eyelashes are made of soft glossy synthetic material and therefore closely resemble real silk. Lashes are the highest quality, have rich and glossy color, light and flexible. While mink eyelashes are made of soft matt synthetic material and therefore closely resemble real mink hair. Lashes are the highest quality, have natural black color, light and flexible.


Both of the lashes are soft and permeable, so they tend to hold on very long with good care. They can be made to look very natural, very glamorous, or quite dense according to your preference. As they are light in weight, they are often a great option for you if your own lashes are weak or fine. They definitely can last long time and made to look more natural among the actual lashes with good adhesive and professional technician. The synthetic lashes come in a variety of thickness, curls and lengths.

Not like real mink fur lash extensions, the effect of the silk and mink lash extensions are generally uniform in visual. Glamour sets of silk and mink lashes are one of the most popular options for brides, who are looking for lashes that are full and long yet still have a natural appeal.