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Is it a healthy problem to drop the eyelashes?

Whenwe wash our face or rub our eyes, we can drop the eyelashes or damage the eyelashes, which often causes theeyelashes to appear to be falling. Some people often use their hands to pull theeyelashes, which causes the eyelashes to fall down very fiercely. In the end,there were no eyelashes. If there were no eyelashes, the eyes would look slick,and it was obvious that they were very ugly. This made more female friendsstart to worry.

Eyelasheswill often fall, not their own health is wrong, but the roots of the eyelashesare unhealthy. The main reason is that eye diseases such as long needles cancause the eyelashes to fall. Themain factor of eyelash loss is suffering from eye and face inflammation, this phenomenon is most common in the case of eye inflammation.


Becausethe occurrence of inflammation of the eye and face is caused by too much sebum secretion in the face and face, too strong, the sebaceous outlet oftenobstructs and constitutes a bacterial infection. The root sac of the eyelashesis very weak, even light. Rubbing your eyes causes the eyelashes to fall. Thereare also some female friends who are more accustomed to using mascara to addglory to the eyelashes. Since themascara contains more chemical components, if it is not cleaned, it can alsocause the eyelashes to fall. Occur.


Ifyou are not facing the problem of hair loss, but the problem of falling eyelashes, it may be that the cosmetics you uses have allergies. Another reasonis the problem of waterproof mascara. If you want to get rid of the falling ofthe eyelashes as much as possible, stay away from the use of this type of mascara as it will drop your eyelashes.

Theabove is about some problems of falling eyelashes and the causes ofthem, I hope to help you.