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Is it good to eyelash extensions? How long can it last?

Everyone knows that this is an age of looking at the face. The good looks of the eyelashes depend on whether their eyes look good or not. They also prove their personal appearance. On the contrary, some people's eyelash extensions are rejected. Some use eyelash pencils to make up, but many people don't know the use of eyelashes.

Beauty is everywhere. Of course, some people in the past did not notice their appearance, but now they value it. For example, eyelashes, some people are born with a small number of eyelashes. Some people even think about making up for this through tattoo lashes and eye shadows, but now you don't need to do this. You can make up for your deficiencies by grafting your eyelashes.

eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions can make your eyelashes thicker. Usually, grafted eyelashes can last for one and a half months to two months.

Grafting eyelashes Note:

1. The quality of the eyelashes used for transplantation is not reliable. Some eyelashes are made from animal hair. If not completely disinfected, they can easily affect eye health and cause eye swelling.

2. There are also many hidden dangers in the glue used to graft the eyelashes. In order to make money and reduce costs, many cold-hearted companies actually use super glue such as 502, which indicates that the damage is very harmful to the eyes.

3. Because the false eyelashes stick to the real eyelash extensions from the roots, it is very troublesome to wash your face or sleep.

4. Because the false eyelashes stick together and the false eyelashes fall, it will affect the eyelashes and fall together. There will also be cases where false eyelashes are not sticky or warped.

eyelash extensions

The above is to bring you some questions about some grafting eyelashes, I hope to make up for your shortcomings through the understanding of the article.