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Material of eyelash extensions has little effect on eyelashes

What is the best material for eyelash extensions? Any material can be used. Because the mane is animal hair and is similar to our own eyelashes, the effect is more natural. Silk protein is man-made fiber, the color will become darker and the effect will be more obvious. However, eyelashes believe that eyelash materials have little effect on cosmetic effects. The most important thing is the eyelash technology. They can't blindly pursue the effect of eyelashes, nor can they directly touch the roots of the eyelashes. Only then can they be natural and lasting. So how should the grafted eyelashes be maintained? How long does the grafting eyelash last?

1. When you graft the eyelashes, you can't shed tears, because the vinyl will turn white in the water, the base of the eyelashes will change the ugly degree you say, even if the eyes feel uncomfortable with the mascara, let the staff help you adjust and preferably in 12 hours. Do not touch the water inside, the maintenance time can be longer. After the completion, you must open your eyes after 2 minutes, wait for the glue to dry completely before opening, otherwise, it will shed tears.
2, the best advice to wash your face is not to touch the eyelashes when washing your face, this can last for a long time, but basically,no one will do so, both troublesome and tired. Therefore, it is inevitable to encounter water when washing your face. Try not to rub it with your hand. The eyelashes will fall off, so it is not good to watch.
3. Can you draw eyeliner? Can draw, but it is best to draw only the end of the eye. After grafting eyelashes, you can say that you have your own eyeliner effect, and the eyelashes are black. If you draw the eyeliner, the first time the cleaning is not clean, the second time the eyelashes will be messy and fall quickly, so don't try it again and again.
Transplanting eyelashes usually lasts 4-6 weeks. You can choose to fix your eyelashes once, but don't repeat them. Because the stimulation of the eyes is relatively large. Many girls' eyelashes will be defective in the fourth week after transplantation, resulting in uneven eyelash length. In this case, the girl should be aware that keeping the existing eyelashes is meaningless, it is recommended to find the original mechanism to remove the eyelashes.