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Mink eyelashes vendor teach you to distinguish between true and false eyelashes mink

The market for eyelashes is getting better and better, and it has always been a trend of improvement. It is a good time for investment. Compared with the hot nail market a few years ago, the market for beauty eyelashes has more room for development. Indeed, no women it is not beautiful, eyelash grafting can make women gain more beauty and confidence. The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the windows of the soul can make women more attractive.

mink eyelashes vendor

At present, there are various kinds of eyelash materials on the market, most of which are artificial synthetic eyelashes, protein fiber eyelashes, rabbit hair eyelashes, mane eyelashes, etc. In the current market, the mink eyelashes vendor can be very reliable. It is also the hottest selling material of the mane material. Indeed, this kind of mane material is closer to the real eyelashes of the human body than the eyelashes of other materials, and it is softer and softer. It is more natural and more comfortable after grafting, and there is no foreign body sensation. Women's acceptance is higher. However, there are still a lot of eyelash suppliers on the market to use fake eyelashes to mink eyelashes vendor and deceive consumers. How can we stop this from happening?

mink eyelashes vendor

First, wholesale mink eyelashes material time should choose a more reliable mink eyelashes vendor, has a certain reputation and brand manufacturers, manufacturers of the good reputation of eyelash at least in terms of quality there is a certain degree of protection, and then a touch of mink eyelashes are hand-made real mink Mao Guangze good sense, and very close to the real human hair, can be compared, in fact some fake mink is the choice of pig, dog hair and other materials produced, relatively stiff, and the material is real mink there are some differences.