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Mink lashes factory teaches you how to stick and how to choose false eyelashes

False eyelashes are unlikely to be used in everyday life, but sometimes when the makeup is thicker, if the eyelashes are short, the eyelashes will be unnatural, so if you need false eyelashes, look at the makeup. False eyelashes are usually divided into two types, one is the whole package and the other is the segmentation. Usually, the entire package also needs to be trimmed, which is more natural. Segmentation is more troublesome but more natural. If there is no good technique, it is recommended not to choose segmental false eyelashes.

mink lashes factory

The lash mink lashes factory must choose the whole eyelash according to the length of the eye. Don't save trouble, otherwise you will feel the eyes, the obvious tail will be difficult to see, pay attention to trimming, not too sharp, otherwise it will pierce the eyelids. The entire eyelash needs to be trimmed for the length of the eyelashes, a simple little trim, too neat and very stiff, but don't trim too much, it will also look unnatural, so be sure to trim the roots when trimming. When you apply eyelashes, don't use eyeliner and eye shadow, make up directly, because you may also have problems changing the angle and direction. mink lashes factory reminds you that if you are a newbie, you can use the eyelash curler to bend the eyelash curler, bend the eyelashes together, and then apply false eyelashes. If it is a segmented false eyelash, you need to stick them together and bend them together.

mink lashes factory

When using mascara, use Z to make eyelashes and false eyelashes. Separation can be fake, so their eyelashes are slightly larger than the curvature of the false eyelashes.