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Real mink eyelash extensions and Faux Mink eyelash extensions

As known to us all, eyelash extensions have real mink eyelash extensions, faux mink eyelash extensions, russian volume eyelash extensions, flat eyelash extensions and Camellia eyelash extensions etc.

What are Real Mink Eyelash Extensions? When real mink eyelash extensions first hit the beauty scene, they were added as actual animal fur extensions. Minks are small semi-aquatic animals, similar to otters, that are farmed for their tender silks fur. The fur for eyelash extension use is purportedly acquired via gently brushing the animal and amassing the shedding fur. These real mink eyelash extensions have been marketed as expensive, high-end eyelash extension products. The value of actual mink eyelash extensions is prohibitive for most.

However, most expert eyelash extension salons these days have moved away from the use of actual mink fur, and use a product called ‘Faux Mink’. It is what we use at Lady Lash – and though made of an artificial material, it is tremendous how tremendously gentle and ‘fur like’ they are. They are very comparable in seem and sense to real fur – on first inspection; it’s tough to inform the difference. Although they all made by means of pinnacle satisfactory PBT fiber from Korea with Misstep have all identical curl and thickness.

People may will have some confused about how to distinguish them. Or even everybody has distinctive way to name them. The most direct difference between them is the real mink eyelash extensions are darkest and shine. The faux eyelash extensions are dark and matte. On fundamental of this different, you can pick out them in accordance to your preference.