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Should you pay attention to the material when eyelashes wholesale?

Today, there are many young women who like to start a business. The purpose of starting a business is to make money. Then there are many women in the industry that are basically in the beauty industry, such as beauty shops, nail shops, eyelash shops, etc. Let's talk about the lash shop. There are a lot of newcomers who are more difficult to choose when they choose eyelashes wholesale. I don't know how to wholesale them. Because if you choose to open the business, if you choose improperly, the reputation of the lash shop will not be played, so choose wholesale. Eyelashes don't know what to pay attention to? The following is a specific explanation for everyone.

eyelashes wholesale

Because there are a lot of eyelash makers on the market in the current market, they have come to sell some fake and fake brand eyelashes. This makes many customers dare not go to wholesale. In fact, you should choose the material of eyelashes when choosing eyelashes wholesale Because the material of the eyelash depends on the quality and brand.

What is the material of the eyelashes?

1. Rayon, because this rayon material is hard enough, it has no luster after grafting on the grafting side, and the price is relatively low.

2, silk protein fiber, this material is softer than rayon, the technology is more advanced.

3, rabbit hair material, this material is made of animal hair, the surface is more complicated, but it is softer, and people will feel more comfortable after grafting the eyelashes.

4, Eyelash, this material is a natural material, selling is also better, that is, the price is more expensive.

eyelashes wholesale

As mentioned above, when choosing the eyelashes wholesale, it is necessary to pay attention to those that are better-selling, and you can also choose some wholesales with good materials and brands.