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Six Benefits of Eyelash Extension

Eyelashes play an important role for women, though small, they can decorate "The Window of Our Heart". It's a dream for many women to own natural and thick eyelashes.

Eyelash extension is quite different from wearing false eyelashes. It's an operation that to graft some artificial onto your personal eyelashes. The length and curvature can vary from person to person. We can design ideal length and curvatures according to different needs. After grafting, your eyes look bright. Today, let's learn something about eyelashes grafting.


It will soon make you a beautiful woman, add to your charm, and make you look more energetic.

Eyelashes grafting keeps your eyes healthy, prevents you from false eyelashes and the pain from perming your eyelashes and the trouble or embarrassment from smearing eyelashes ointment.

Reduce your makeup time and allow you to sleep 30 minutes more each day.

More vivid than false eyelashes and acquires the same effect with true eyelashes.

It's natural and suitable. You needn't to smear eyelashes ointment. Grafted eyelashes can last a long time and have the same life span as human eyelashes.

Thick and long eyelashes make your eye beautiful and attractive, which also protect your eyes from dust or ultraviolet light.

Our eyelash extensions can be divided into two kinds, synthetic PBT fiber materials and animal hair materials. Mink eyelash extension, silk lash extension, flat lashes are our best-selling products.