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Some insider for those eyelashes wholesale that you don't know

Nowadays, there are entrepreneurial young bosses who open eyelash shops and beauty shops. They want to go to the wholesale and understand some eyelashes wholesale technology, but they are worried that their lack of experience will lead to being deceived, and they are worried that they will not play too much in the industry. For the sake of everyone's doubts, let's take a look at the most important material aspect of the most important false eyelashes in the wholesale process of eyelashes, so that everyone can take less detours when getting the goods.

eyelashes wholesale

When wholesale eyelashes, you should pay attention to the common materials of eyelashes: high temperature silk, silk protein, velvet flat silk, water mane. The effect of these different materials of silk is not needed. The first is high temperature wire. The high temperature wire belongs to a kind of plastic fiber. The hair quality is too hard. After the first time, it will not feel suitable. The quality of silk protein is slightly better. It is a high-grade material. These materials are commonly used in eyelashes wholesale. This material is lighter and will not feel so stiff and firm after being picked up. It is not easy to fall. The cost of mink hair is relatively high.

eyelashes wholesale
The characteristic is that the material belongs to natural material, and the firmness is not as good as that of velvet flat silk. The advantage is that it is softer than artificial hair. After receiving it, it will not make people feel the feeling of lashing. When the boss is eyelashes wholesale, You can pay more attention to the material of the eyelashes, avoiding some problems that the material is not closed, reducing the time, reducing the transaction cost, and letting you wholesale goods, good quality and good value for money.