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Some Points of Eyelash Extensions

The beauty of the eyelashes has been gradually valued by females. Having long and thick eyelashes is what most females dream of. Nowadays, this unreasonable demand is no longer a difficulty because of the emergence of eyelash grafting technology.

Can everyone have eyelash extensions?

It depends on the quality of your own eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thick and curved, then the effect of the operation is the best. After grafting the eyelashes, they will not only be thicker and more curved, but also increase a lot, and at the same time, they will look natural and comfortable. If your eyelashes are short and not curved enough, you can try to have a hair follicle transplant operation.

How long can the eyelash extension last?

This is a question every female who want to have eyelash extensions will ask. Although eyelashes are short, they will grow and even shed. Some females may have the habit of rubbing your eyes when washing the faces, which will cause the eyelashes to fall off. Also, it depends on the eyelash glue you use. In general, Eyelash extensions can last for 2-8 weeks. If you want to keep the eyelash extension only for a short time, you can try the cluster fans lashes, the effect is amazing while the applying time is very short. If you are skillful enough, you can apply the flare cluster lashes by yourself which can save you a lot of money.

Color Selection

The eyelash extensions, of course, have a lot of colors. As the society is increasing open, many women try to use false eyelashes with different colors. Lash extensions have colors like purple, black, pink and brown. These eyelashes should be mixed with our own black eyelashes, but our eyelashes need not to be dyed.