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Someone believes that cutting lashes from children will make eyelashes longer.

There are several ways to solve the problem of long lashes. I believe we all know that any organ in the body is very important to us, and any organ plays an irreplaceable role. Eyelashes are also important. They make our eyes look better.However, many people in their daily lives often wear long eyelashes, which makes them feel very painful and do not know what to do to solve this trouble. Eyelashes look long, not only seriously affecting everyday lifebut also very unattractive. Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed description of the length of the eyelashes, let us take a look!

So what about long eyelashes?
1. To use tweezers, first you need to prepare a tweezers, then aim at the eyelashes and pull it out along its direction of growth. This method of surgery is simple and does not leave behind. But this method will be more painful and there is no way to cure the trichiasis. Each time it is based on its growth cycle, it should be cleared once a month.
2. Using scissors, prepare a small pair of scissors, then point to the long eyelashes and cut them. Because the scissors are sharp, be careful during the cutting process, otherwise it will easily hurt your eyes. However, this method is relatively simple to operate and has no painful feeling. However, this method also has certain drawbacks. That is to say, after a period of time, the eyelashes will grow again, so it will be cut once in about half a month.
3, electric shock, an electric shock may sound strange to everyone, but in fact, the method of operation is relatively simple. First of all, we can use the electric burning method to destroy the hair roots of the eyelashes, so that the eyelashes can be prevented from growing again. The advantage of this method is that it can effectively eliminate the problem of inverted lashes, but the disadvantage is that it can not accurately destroy the hair roots, it is easy to damage the normal eyelashes around, and it is easy to cause the length of the inverted eyelashes to be in another place.
4, laser, usually can also use the laser to effectively destroy the inverted eyelashes, which can also eliminate the inverted eyelashes. However, one disadvantage of this method is that it takes two or three times, is expensive, and is even prone to side effects.
5, surgical resection, usually through the way of surgery can also help everyone effectively get rid of the problem of inverted eyelashes, but this method is more suitable for the local appearance of the inverted eyelashes. If the range is large, the direction of the eyelid needs to be reversed to the outside to perform the operation, and there are some risks in the operation.