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Teach you the most natural false eyelashes

If the fake eyelashes you want are seamless, these items are essential!

Eyelash curler, mascara, false eyelashes adhesive, tweezers, eyeliner, perm eyelashes and false eyelashes. The first step in the seamless false eyelash bonding method is to start with mascara at the bottom of the eyelashes, cut your eyelashes, and lightly, otherwise

It is easy to pinch the right angle and the eyelashes will appear stiff. In order to maintain the curling of the eyelashes, the first time you use mascara to shape, pay attention to the dose, to avoid lameness.

false eyelashes

Seamless False Eyelash Bonding Step 2: Trimming false eyelashes and trimming their length to the length that best suits their eyes is a rule to ensure that the effect is natural.

Seamless false eyelashes bonding step 3: In order to ensure the matching degree of false eyelashes, it is recommended that you gently bend the false eyelashes twice to create a certain arc shape, which makes it easier to apply false eyelashes. After applying false eyelash glue on the false eyelash stick,

Attach it to the root of the real eyelashes and fine tune its position with tweezers.

Seamless false eyelash bonding step 4: True and false combination, the second application of mascara naturally blends true and false eyelashes, and also prevents true and false eyelashes from being divided into two layers.

Seamless false eyelash bonding method Step 5: Draw eyeliner on the inner root of the eyelash to cover the stem of the false eyelash. In order to achieve the effect of the upper and lower eyelashes, remember to brush the mascara under the lower eyelashes.

false eyelashes

Seamless false eyelashes bonding Step 6: Where did your eyelashes come from? This effect can be achieved by using perm eyelashes, which can further merge the true and false eyelashes naturally, just like they were born. At last

A layer of eyeliner retouches the eyes, and false eyelashes are born!