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The Development of Beautifying the Eyelashes

In 3100 BC, ancient Egyptians used the mixture of donkey liver and honey to coat eyelashes.

In 1913, American chemist Williams invented a mascara with carbon powder and vaseline. Williams himself was inspired by this and created the brand of Maybelline.

In 1914, makeup artist Max Factoror invented Crayon Mascara, which heats mascara to make it drop on the eyelashes, and it increase the effectiveness of the eyelashes.

In 1931, the first eyelash clip, kurlash, appeared. The $5 eyelash clip had to be used for 10 minutes on each eye to make the eyelashes curly.
In 1938, Austrian dancer and performer Helene Vierthaler Winterstein applied for the first waterproof mascara. But this product containing 50 turpentine can cause allergic reactions.

In 1950, Maybelline scientists began adding wax, elastic fiber and other ingredients into the mascara, and the mascara brushes were also invented.

In 1957, Helena Rubinstein invented liquid mascara with mascara brush heads.

In 1966, the British newspaper "the Daily Express" published a photo of Twiggy who put on 6 pairs of false eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids, to increase the density of the eyelashes. And it began to be popular.

The eyelash extensions originated in Korea and rose in Europe. A cosmetic procedure introduced tis technology in China from abroad in 1998. It can make the eyelashes tighten, and increase warp.