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The Length and Color of Eyelash extensions

Eyelashes are becoming more and more important to women nowadays. Being able to have long, bushy eyelashes is what most women's friends dream of. Now this hope becomes no longer difficult because the appearing of eyelash extension technology.

Eyelashes are valued by all the female friend, although they are very small, but they can decorate our "window of the heart". It is the dream of most female friends to have long, dense and very natural eyelashes.

Does eyelash extension have the distinction of long and short?

The development of eyelash extensions can be traced back to ten years ago. The eyelashes at that time lacks professional breakdown no matter from material, length, coarse degree and so on. But today, the extension using false eyelashes has been developed for many years, professional breakdown to natural animal hair, artificial fiber hair; From the specification, it is also divided into various lengths and sizes, to fully cater to the modern women's eye effect.

Is the extension eyelash that is the longer the better?

When graft eyelashes, we must consider the load capacity of the eyelashes. The longer the lashes, the more susceptible to physical involvement, the lower the duration of eyelashes; And the longer the lashes are, the more likely they are to fall apart. This will slow the rate of the thickening effect, resulting in the use of eyelashes be longer.

The length of extension: the length of the extension lashes must be selected according to the condition of the customer's own lashes. In general, the length of a healthy grafting eyelash is about a third more than the length of your eyelashes. This not only makes the extension eyelash looks good, but also the time of extension is less, more importantly, it won't be messy and persistent.

Most people have an eyelash length of 11 to 13 mm, which is quite natural. If you want to make your eyelashes look even more attractive, you can marry up to 15 mm. Each person's eye type is different, some people's eyelash can be covered by eyelid. Even if the same length, everyone presents different effects.

Are there other colors for us to choose from?

As society has become more open, many women have opened up their aesthetic, and have begun to accept bold attempts to experiment with different colored eyelashes. Now, the false eyelashes used for grafting are not only regular black, but also classic blue, purple, red and brown. The hair color is more and more colorful, which makes the eye more special. These eyelashes will be glued together with our black eyelashes, but your lashes don't need to be dyed!

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