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The Selection And Comparison Of False Eyelashes

Natural false eyelashes VS Thick ones

Natural false eyelashes are not only far more sparse and shorter but the clusters of lashers look more beautiful when they are overlapping. A kind of thick false eyelashes is also overlapping. However, the thick false eyelashes are too heavy to see the overlapping part obviously.


Natural types


thick types

Spin eye end VS Spin in the middle of the eyes
Spinning eye end is to bring the points to two flanks , which look more charming. But if the interorbital distance is wide originally, this type is not suitable. Spinning in the middle of eyes are accord more with the law of natural distribution, which is relatively more natural and all—match.



Upper:spin eyes end      Bottom: spin the middle of the eyes

Cotton stalk VS Apparent stalk
False eyelashes are tied to the stalk on the eye end. The apparent stalk are like a fishing line, which are not easy to give themselves away on the eyes. The cotton stalk is usually soft and easy to fit the outline of eyelashes. But black lines rely on eyeliners to hide them, which is definitely can not be seen the black lines are far away from the eyelashes end.

Long VS Short
The shortest false eyelashes are only 4 millimeter, which are usually used as bottom eyelashes. Moreover, they can add the thickness with invisibility to the eyelashes. As for the long types, there are twelve to sixteen millimeter, for eyelashes of our own have certain curvature, so that eyelashes can be very warped and eyes look a bit big with the long types.

Sharpening VS Handing ( no sharpening)
Just like our hairs, natural eyelashes have coarse roots and fine tails. However, eyelashes are divided as sharpening and non—sharpening. Most people will choose sharpening types to wear; the handing types will have a messy effect when wearing, but look very pretty too.


Chemical fiber VS Animals' hair
It is said that the false eyelashes made of animals’ hairs are finer and more natural. Animals’ hairs are usually composed of mink hair which have good quality and can be used more than twenty five times. Fiber materials are adopted imported ones as well, which are qualified enough and are able to be used more than ten times.

Finishing gill VS Subsection
Diagrammatic sketches shown above are finishing gill. Subsection or cluster eyelashes are mentioned below: although using glue to tie them, it is absolutely natural and there are varies of lengths that can be matched as you like. Two types to be taken together is alright. Every one can try on all collocation methods.