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The tips: how to apply false eyelashes?

Many younger female friends don’t know how to stick when they use false eyelashes for the first time. Then the following lash box will bring the little friends who don’t know how to paste them. eyelash

The length and many eyelashes box are not bought in accordance with their own eye shape. Therefore, when using false eyelashes, first use a pair of tweezers to pick up the fake base horse at the root of the eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than their own eyes, need To see the same width as your eye, the tail of the false eyelash should not exceed your own eyelashes. Therefore, the false eyelashes should be vacant in the eye for one-fourth of the time, otherwise it will be uncomfortable when closing the eyes.

eyelashes box

The second step of the false eyelashes is to clip the eyelashes of the eyelashes before applying the false eyelashes. The eyelashes box should be curled with the eyelash curler, and then the mascara is applied, because the eyelashes are not curled by the false eyelashes, in order to stick the fake eyelashes. After the eyelashes

In order to make the effect natural and realistic, it is first necessary to curl your eyelash curler before applying false eyelashes, and mascara can also help to fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

When choosing the eyelashes box pay attention to the third step of how to apply the false eyelashes. After applying the glue to the false eyelashes, fix the eyelashes of your eyelashes and pick up the false eyelashes prepared in advance. After the roots face up, then there will be no take.

eyelashes box

The hand of the false eyelashes carefully squeezes the glue onto the false eyelashes. It should be noted that it is not advisable to squeeze too much for the first time. Otherwise, the eyelash glue will flow onto the eyelashes, and the direction should be grasped. The fourth step of applying false eyelashes is more suitable for eyelash glue.

Eyelash glue is about 0.5~1 mm thick. If there are too few false eyelashes, you can wait for 30 seconds after the eyelash glue is squeezed, so that the eyelash glue is in a semi-dry state because the viscosity is very high.