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The tips of Eyelash make-up

Mascara is the best way to lengthen eyelashes, and it is also a little secret to make the eyes bigger. Applying the mascara brush horizontally and vertically is the key to eyelash makeup. When you brush horizontally, the liquid can be fully adhered to the eyelash, and increase the curl effect. The root of the eyelash is also important! Vertical brush can lengthen the length of eyelashes, and even short eyelashes should be applied to.
The steps of eyelash make-up:
1. Use eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes When clipping eyelashes, the root of the eyelash to the tip of the eyelash should be clipped a little bit by bit. The other hand can help to pull up the eyelid, which is convenient to hold all the eyelashes, and easily from the root, so that the eyelashes present natural curls. 2. Apply mascara for two times with both horizontal and vertical brush ①First, brush the eyelashes horizontally. Place the head of the mascara brush horizontally and insert it from the root of the upper eyelash to the eyelash. One point one from the root to the tip of the eyelash, rub it in Z shape. ②Then brush down eyelashes and use the brush vertically. After the left and right eyelashes are brushed, you should begin to wear lower eyelashes. Attach eyelash brush vertically to the lower eyelash, vibrating around a little bit, and look upward. ③Apply the eyelashes repeatedly and a vertical brush can lengthen the eyelashes Back to the upper eyelash, this time is to use the eyelash brush vertically. Pull the tip of the eyelash out one by one and the mascara with the growth fiber is better. ④Go back to the lower eyelashes and brush out the shape. Once again apply the lower eyelash, apply the brush head to the tip of the lower eyelash. The lower eyelashes are short so the small eyelashes should be elongated before molding the lines.
3.The following order is the key
① Upper eyelash root ② Lower eyelash tip ③ Upper eyelash tip ④ Lower eyelash root