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Those Fake Eyelashes Which Can Give Out Big Eyes

Hard band false eyelashes are preferred

The so-called hard band is clear band fish line eyelashes, slightly harder than the black cotton band, but the clear band are more elastic and have a certain support force.

But usually single eyelid or double eyelid need a lot of makeup, and this degree of need is not only reflected in the eye shadow and eyeliner, but also reflected in the false eyelashes. And hard band false eyelashes are often can be a good competent on the expansion work of the eye type in the single eyelid because of its certain degree of support ;Under the right conditions ,it can also support the appropriate double eyelids.

The selection problem of false eyelash style

In addition to that, it is not recommended to choose too natural style. The so-called nature is mainly reflected in the length and distribution of hair. Generally, you can choose the type with the length of 1.2-1.4CM . And to the distribution, it is recommended on the shape of divergence and with a certain density.


The length mentioned is generally based on the longest one. Taking this one as an example, the longest length of the middle is about 1.3CM, then the two short sides may be 0.6-1CM. And generally, if the longest one is more than 1.5CM, then those people who have single eyelid will look too exaggerated and unnatural, so pay attention to the length, not too short or too long.


To the style, you can look at the way of weaving, the above two. Both of them, the part where is  close to the root is more intensive, so that it can form a better support force, curler, not easy to fall.

How to adorn false eyelashes and adjust its degree of curl

In fact, many people feel it difficult to adorn false eyelashes. In fact, you can do this by evenly gluing in the eyelash stem, and next close your eyes a little, and let the middle of the eyelash stem close to your eyelash roots, and then adjust the front and the end of eyelashes.

In the choice of glue ,for those novice, I do not recommend them to choose the eyelash which is too sticky, because it will stick before you adjusting it. Our wool glue is imported from South Korea, very suitable for our false eyelashes. This kind of glue is not stick at the beginning, but later can be maintained all day, and will not out of glue.

And in addition to wear, the key is that applying eyelash glue will also affect the effect of fake eyelashes. We can see the fake eyelashes band as three sides, as shown above, it is probably for you to understand. If you are not clearly enough, then you can correspond it with your own fake eyelashes which is on the hands.

"The front" is must to be painted, and the more the "outside" painted, the curler eyelashes will be, while the more "inside" applied, the more eyelashes will fall. So you should adjust it according to your choice of specific style. If you need curler and one with stronger support force, then you can apply more on the "outside"; If your style itself is more curler, or slightly longer, then you can painted a little more on the "inside", so that it will slightly collapse also fall a little bit.

But the total amount of glue is not too much, mainly pay attention to uniform. This is need you to  practice several times so that you can feel and control. If you understand the relationship between the glue and the degree of curl, you will be more quickly familiar with this. Of course, the details need be controlled by yourself. Here is only a general rule.

The layered problem of the true and false eyelashes

I believe that this is a embarrassing things to a lot of people who use false eyelashes. It also plagued me for a long time. So how did i solve it?


First of all, in order to achieve a good combination with false eyelashes, you need to make your eyelashes curling up .To the choice of eyelash curler , is mainly in line with your eye type, and a partial eyelash curler can be used together. One is more suitable for people with thin and short lashes, and one can take care of the relatively short eyelashes of both sides . After wearing a false eyelash, it is more convenient to curl up true and false eyelashes by using partial eyelash curler.


Another tool is the electric eyelash perm, whose principle is also very easy. Perming eyelashes, which is more curler and longer than the manual eyelashes However, many people worry that whether it will scald eyelashes. In fact, people's eyelashes will metabolize every three months, so in your whole life, you will not have a pair of false eyelashes. That is, whether you perm or not, they will metabolism off by themselves (only a lot of time we did not find out when it was off.) So the so-called saying of damaging eyelashes, is also basically negligible.


Brushing a layer of mascara after curling up eyelashes. If you choose to perm, then perm again after brushing the mascara, which will bring a better effect. And then paste false eyelashes, and later it can be slightly adjusted. Basically, by doing this, the true and false eyelashes are combined.

Above, that is, we conduct summary from the experience of using false eyelashes and some questions often asked, and we hope it can help everyone.

Of course, using false eyelashes to hold out double eyelids is also linked with each other's own situation. Not everyone will have the same situation; Some can be successful at once, and some need to adjust, and some may fail. After all, in addition to surgery, nothing can one hundred percent to ensure that single eyelids change into double eyelid. It is necessary for everyone to treat this new skills objectively.