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Tips for using false eyelashes

In the present, girls love beauty is more common, many girls want to make themselves more beautiful, but some girls are too unconfident about their makeup, want to make themselves more beautiful, so you can add your own self-confidence. At present, this is not a problem. If you want to change it more beautifully, you can make makeup. It is more fun when you make up because makeup can make people's facial makeup change. More exquisite, so now more people choose makeup, makeup is what every girl needs, and it is more widely used now. At present, there are a lot of cosmetics on the market. If you want to make makeup better, you can choose a make-up tool or choose a cosmetic that suits you. In fact, when you make makeup now, Need to pay attention to a lot of problems, makeup also knows about the process of makeup, the process of makeup is very much, you must fully understand the process of makeup, in order to better make up. False eyelashes are now also a beauty gadget in makeup. I believe that there are a lot of girls who have used false eyelashes. Do you know some tips on using false eyelashes? Here are some tips for using fake eyelashes.

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There are a lot of tips about false eyelashes. The first thing to say is that when using false eyelashes, you need to make a correct trimming of false eyelashes because you need to pay attention to the false eyelashes when using them. It may not be so symmetrical with your own eyes. If you want to use it better, you must cut it to better match your eyes, so that you can better show the effect of eyelashes. For eyelashes, you first need to add false eyelashes with tweezers, and then compare them with the stems of your eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than your own eyes, you need to cut them to the same length as your eyes. False eyelashes are best not to exceed their own eyelashes, so when using false eyelashes, it is vacant for a quarter, otherwise, it is very uncomfortable when closing eyes. After obtaining a suitable length, a C-shaped curved false eyelash stem is presented and remains for about 20 seconds. The curved false eyelashes can completely fit our eyes. You must have encountered a situation in which the false eyelashes are lifted at the end. It is not because the glue of the eyelashes is not good, but because your false eyelashes are too hard. It is.
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Grease will make your false eyelashes difficult to fix. If your skin is oily, it may cause problems when you wear it. Before wearing the false eyelashes, first use the blotting paper to clean the grease on the eyelids, or sweep a layer of transparent loose powder on the upper eyelids. If you want to use false eyelashes for a long time, it is best not to use oily makeup remover when removing makeup, so as not to affect the second round. Before using false eyelashes, you should first put your own eyelashes, curl them with eyelash clips, and then apply a layer of mascara, because your own eyelashes are not curled with false eyelashes, in order to After applying false eyelashes, the effect will be natural and realistic, so it is necessary to curl your own eyelash curler before you put the false eyelashes, and it can also help to fix the eyelashes when applying mascara. of.
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If we are anxious to affix false eyelashes, you need to tell yourself that good things are worth waiting for. Waiting for ten seconds will make the glue more sticky, and it will make the final effect a big difference. If you just need to apply glue to the false eyelashes, then the false eyelashes will definitely run around, and it will not be fixed in the position you want to let it stay. When sticking the eye and the end of the eye, you need to use the eyelash tweezers to clamp the root of your eyelashes and then stick the front part. Use a little bit of force to pull the root of the eye and then fix it. The end of the eye is the same. It is better to use a slight tension and then let the eyelashes support the eyelids, which is why more people inside the double eyelids will also run out after wearing the false eyelashes, because of the support of the eyelashes. Force and slight tension when the tweezers are attached. In addition, use the clip to strengthen the eyelashes.
In fact, when using false eyelashes, you still need to pay more attention to many things, because there are more types of false eyelashes on the market, so you also need to choose a fake eyelash that suits you when you choose. It is better to use false eyelashes. There are still a lot of tips about false eyelashes. After understanding these techniques, you can use false eyelashes better.