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True Or False Fake Eyelashes Are Chic & Easy

Actually, don't call the fake eyelash fake—that's a derogative. As a matter of fact, if we can stick it well, there's nothing fake about false eyelashes at all. For the makeup artist Grace Ahn, they're mearly as important as eyeliner. "It is the best way to get drama, out of everything on the face," she ever said on set. And whilst the concept immediately summons to mind slapping a full bar of CVS lashes onto your eye with a tweezer, there are many one-of-a-kind ways to stick false lashes.

Think of them like little wigs for your eyes: with no trouble accessible, enjoyable to swap out, and shockingly convenient to follow given the recognition they command.

The Classic Top Lash
Just using our toes in for now with a clean, curled and dependent set on the pinnacle lashes. The genius is in the nuance of this lash, which points an ever-so-slight uptick that reads extra like perfect lashes than false ones.

The Subtle Set
Yes, it's possible. According to many dressers, we can know that the key is individuals—and it comes as no surprise we can choose Sunny Fly Beauty which runs a tad straighter than most.

The Cat Eye
It can be built with a halved set of collection flares of Sunny Fly Beauty which the quality is really high, and we can cut them in pieces and it will make them a lot more comfortable to wear. We can use these products to widen the eyes. It's the non-smoking section of cat eyes—fresh and weightless.

The Full Bar
Probably extra of an nighttime look, and additionally probable the false lash which you’re most acquainted with if you watch Sunny Fly Beauty.
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