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What are the hidden dangers behind eyelash extensions?

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and now the girls are not satisfied with only a pair of bright big eyes, but also want to have eyelashes like a small fan. eyelash extensions technology has emerged, making everyone's hopes no longer difficult.

eyelash extensions

Although the eyelashes are small, they can very well modify our eyes, especially our eyes. Not everyone is suitable for transplanting eyelashes, depending on the length and quality of the eyelashes. If your eyelashes are already thick and curly, then the effect of transplanting your eyelashes is best.

If the eyelashes themselves are short and not suitable for transplanting eyelashes, try transplanting the hair follicles. Grafted eyelashes are preserved for a short period of time and are not as permanent as cosmetic surgery. In addition, some people like to rub their eyes and pay attention when washing their faces. Therefore, the “survival time of transplanting eyelashes is almost one to two months, and may even be absent for several days.

eyelash extensions

When grafting eyelashes, don't choose too long and too thick, so the effect is not natural. You can choose long and natural Japanese eyelashes, and the roots are also very good. Although grafting eyelashes can make us fast and beautiful, there are many dangers hidden behind the beauty. The grafted eyelashes are grafted at the roots of our eyelashes, so it will increase the weight of our eyelashes, plus frequent eye friction, which will take away our own eyelashes. Carelessness can cause keratitis and other eye diseases. The little editor has a friend. During the process of eyelash extensions, the operator's handshakes the glue stuck on the eyelashes into the eyes, and then my friend feels that the eyes are uncomfortable on the spot. Later, when I saw the sun, I couldn't open my tears. I went to the hospital and found keratitis. Products used to graft eyelashes may cause allergies, and the use of tweezers, tape, and glue can cause allergies. Some people's physique is allergic to metal and tape, and the skin of the eyes is more fragile. Inferior false eyelashes and glue, evaporating toxic substances can irritate the eyes and cause infection. Scratch the cornea. Because false eyelashes are longer than their own eyelashes after transplantation, they will be harder to maintain the curl. If you accidentally drop it into your eyes, you will feel foreign objects. If you rub your eyes with your hands, your cornea will be scratched.