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What are the types of false eyelashes?

As fashionable ladies become more andmore fashionable, many fashionable ladies like to use beautifying false lashes to beautify their own eyes. If they are used perfectly, they will make their eyes more charming andpleasing. However, there are also many hidden dangers in front of the spotted,and serious words may cause eye injuries. I believe everyone still understandsthis truth.

The classification of false eyelashesdepends on the type of use: roughly classified into exaggerated and every day.

According to the product, type, it canbe divided into feather series false eyelash series, exaggerated series falseeyelash series, planting grafting series, and handmade false eyelash series.

false lashes

According to the type of work: can bedivided into manual eyelashes, semi-manual false lashes, mechanical eyelashes.

Use type: can be divided into dolleyelashes, film, and eyelashes, simulated eyelashes, personality hair. Accordingto the material, it can be divided into fiber eyelashes, real eyelashes, animaleyelashes, and badminton eyelashes. Therefore, there are many types ofeyelashes, and the style of eyelashes is also included. The style of falseeyelashes can be divided into exaggerated and cute Japanese styles in Europeand America. The characteristics of Europe and the United States are that thefalse eyelashes are concentrated, suitable for the outline of the eyes, andhope to create a stage effect for the girl. The Japanese false eyelashes aremainly produced in Taiwan, the effect is more natural and sweet, suitable forAsian eyes, and not including East Asia, but the price and cheapness of falseeyelashes are not the only difference in quality. If you are more careless,cheaper false eyelashes are more suitable for you; if you are sellingeyelashes, then your false lashes are worth investing.

false lashes
If you want to buy art eyelashes, you have to buy a brand, the effect is gorgeous, and there will be no cheaper present which can reflect your noble and gorgeous identity.