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What is a regular eyelash manufacturer?

Compared with the traditional whole false eyelashes, the hottest and most popular nowadays is to say that the eyelashes are grafted. It is true that after the eyelashes are grafted, it can be said that it completely saves many women with short and thin eyelashes, and greatly enhances one's The value of the face makes the eyes double in an instant, and the flashing and flashing is very charming, and now the eyelash manufacturer produces various types of eyelashes according to different customer needs, such as thick eyelashes, long eyelashes, Natural eyelashes, etc., can be said to meet the aesthetic requirements of all women, and there are a variety of material eyelashes to choose from, most of the current eyelash materials can be divided into synthetic fiber eyelashes, protein fiber eyelashes, rabbit hair lashes , hairy eyelashes, etc. As far as the current market is concerned, the mane is getting better and better, because this material has a great advantage over other materials.

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What are the advantages of bristles? In terms of materials, this kind of eyelashes is closest to the natural hair of the human body, and the gloss is better. It is softer and has a natural curl. After grafting, it can be faked. Of course, it is more in line with the beauty of beauty. More extensive. However, it is precisely because there is a market, so many eyelash manufacturers use fake materials to pretend to use the other materials to make profits, and to the market, be careful when choosing wholesale, pay attention to fakes. The best way to stop fakes is, of course, to look for regular eyelash manufacturer.

eyelash manufacturer

Generally, the regular eyelash manufacturer sells wholesale products with the production approval number, manufacturer address, brand name, composition introduction, etc., so rejecting products without the above product information can better avoid getting fakes.