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Why not recommend to graft eyelashes frequently?

At present, there are many girls who want to make themselves more beautiful, because the living conditions are gradually getting better. Many girls can better beautify themselves. Many girls have their own methods so that they can better perform their own beauty effects. Of course, many girls use cosmetics to show their perfect effects. There are many types of cosmetics on the market, so many girls can go better. not only cosmetics can be used, but also a lot of beauty techniques, which are used more frequently, and many girls can better perform the effect of beauty. Nowadays, every girl is more yearning for the use of cosmetics, and it is very common. Many girls rely on them to choose some cosmetics that are suitable for them and then use them better. In this way, many girls can better use cosmetics. But you also need to choose some cosmetics that are suitable for you. Otherwise, using bad cosmetics will not help you much. I believe that girls who love beauty all know about false eyelashes, and false eyelashes are commonly used because many girls use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes. Eyelash extensions is a better way to beautify, and it is better to beautify the eyelashes.

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However, it is still not recommended for girls to frequently eyelash extensions, which actually has a lot of harm. Everyone knows that beauty can be described as the nature of girls. Many girls choose to do some small cosmetic surgery for beauty, such as opening double eyelids. But in fact, relatively speaking, it still looks very unnatural after being slightly adjusted. Even after it looks better now, it will obviously appear on the face when it gets old. Not even the whole thing is to go to the beauty salon for grafting eyelashes. In fact, this is mainly to make it more convenient, and it is also very convenient to make up at normal times. It is also very convenient for some young ladies who do not apply eyelashes. However, there are still some problems. It is still not recommended that you go for eyelash grafting. It can be divided into three points. Let me tell you about it below.

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The first is that the use of superglue can cause fine lines to grow. In fact, everyone should know that false eyelashes do not mean that they are grown by applying lotion, so there are still many unscrupulous merchants, mainly to reduce costs and choose some strong glue. So if you must do it, choose a more formal place. Such super glue will easily pull your eyelids, and the consequence of doing so is that it will cause a lot of wrinkles.

The second point is that often eyelash extensions may also damage the hair follicles. When you are grafting eyelashes, it is easier to cause necrosis of the hair follicles of your own eyelashes. This will also have serious consequences. This will cause this hair follicle to not grow some new eyelashes. Although it is said that grafting eyelashes will satisfy the temporary beauty, when such false eyelashes will also fall off, the new eyelashes will not easily grow out, and the false eyelashes will fall off again, so there are still some horrifying.

eyelash extensions

The third point is that it will cause your own real eyelashes to fall. In fact, I also saw that many people's real eyelashes fell off after planting false eyelashes. After being grafted, this false eyelash will also fall over time, and at the same time, it may fall with our real eyelashes. This is really worth the loss. The original kind of eyelashes is to make your eyelashes look slim and dense.

In fact, everyone is pursuing beauty. This is understandable. But if it is for these things that it causes some serious injuries to itself, it is a bit worthless. In fact, sometimes people still need to recognize this point, that is, natural beauty can be regarded as true beauty. There aren't many beauties in this world, most of them are ordinary people, so everyone can learn how to make up and make everyone look better. Try not to frequently graft eyelashes. This is very harmful.