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Will the eyelashes grow long if they are ripped off?

In our lives, some people feel that their eyelashes are not long enough. They want to make the eyelashes grow faster by pulling the eyelashes, but what if you accidentally tear them off during the pulling process? So will the eyelashes grow longer?

In fact, it will grow on its own, but the growth cycle of the eyelashes is relatively long, and it can be 1 × 2 mm in a week, about 10 weeks, and can reach the original length.

All kinds of hair on the body have a certain life cycle, which will cause it to fall with the passage of time, and will grow if it is pulled out. Hair growth rates are related to gene and hormone levels that regulate hair growth.


Eyelashes are actually the shortest lifespan in hair, and new eyelashes grow every three to five months, and eyelashes are constantly renewed and growing. Mature eyelashes, if accidentally falling off, can reach the original length in about 10 weeks. The characteristics of eyelashes are that the growth period lasts only 4-6 weeks, then stops growing, and the rest of the time begins to fall after several months. So most of the eyelashes we see grow out. New eyelashes are also growing, except that they are submerged in old, grown eyelashes that are not easy to observe.


In fact, we can use some Vaseline, Vitamin E, etc. to spread on the root of the eyelashes, which can help the growth of eyelashes. However, if you use too much Vaseline, it may cause allergies. If you use too much vitamin E, it will lead to long fat particles, so we have to take it first. Apply a small amount to the smear, which will reduce the occurrence of fat granules or allergies, and will not cause unnecessary trouble for our daily travel.