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You can make your eyelash extensions beautiful by makeup.

Can eyelash extensions make up? Grafting eyelashes is to make the eyelashes have a pair of thick eyes in the plain state, but sometimes when you need makeup, the girls will definitely think if they can make up after transplanting the eyelashes. Today, I want to talk to you about the problem of makeup after grafting the eyelashes.

Can I make up after grafting eyelashes? You can make up after grafting the eyelashes. But please use light makeup as much as possible, but please don't apply mascara, otherwise it will affect the effect of grafting eyelashes, which will cause the false eyelashes to fall off, otherwise it will be difficult to graft beautiful eyelashes, because improper makeup will cause the grafting eyelashes to become uneven. Not worth losing!

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After grafting the eyelashes, pay attention to the use of soft eyeliner products when applying makeup. When using an eyeliner, if you use a hard pen or an eyeliner, rubbing the roots of the eyelashes will put a burden on the eyelashes, causing the grafted eyelashes to fall off easily. If you want to maintain the persistence of eyelash grafting, it is recommended that female friends do not leave eyeliner. But here is a little trick to teach female friends, because the eyelashes will thicken and graft the eyelashes. Have a natural eyeliner effect. You only need to extend the eyeliner slightly at the fundus so that the eyelashes are not affected. Keep your eyelashes clean when you make up. When the eye shadow or the fundus accidentally adheres to the eyelashes, immediately wipe it with a wet tissue or cotton swab. When the eyelashes caused by makeup and foundation are noticeably dirty, apply eyelash water gently. Remember to keep the grafted eyelashes clean, otherwise grafting the eyelashes will result in less glue and accelerate the grafting of the eyelashes.

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Do not use mascara, because removing mascara will cause a great burden on the transplanted eyelash extensions, which can easily lead to the loss of the transplanted eyelashes. Even if the mascara burden causes the lashes to fall off, the lashes will become ugly. If you must use it, it is recommended to use a special mascara for beauty eyelashes. Do not use the eyelash curler. Using the eyelash curler will also put a burden on the eyelashes, so that the grafted eyelashes and the primary eyelashes can easily fall off. If you think the original eyelashes are too straight, you can use the eyelash curler.