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As the perfect market response of 3D faux mink lashes, we have continuously launched the 3D gorgeous faux mink lashes which are made with various lovely decorations like stars, shining hearts or colorful flowers to let the makeup more unique for the occasion like parties, raves, music festivals, festivals, makeup looks, creative photo shoots etc. As the pioneer of faux mink eyelash manufacturer, we can not only provide faux mink lashes wholesale all over the world, but also we can provide the customized faux mink lashes magnetic version for people who are often obsessed with the uncomfortable feeling with the lash glue of the fake eyelashes. Meanwhile, the magnetic faux mink lashes are quite endurable. With good care, these eyelashes can be used up to 40 times. A good rule is if you don’t use them, please store the lashes in the case. We also offer various lash box for these faux mink lashes, you can put your logo on them and do any design you like on the box.

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3D Gorgeous Faux Mink Eyelashes